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1 or 2 cups of cold water

1 heaped teaspoon of kuzu dissolved in 2 large tablespoons of cold water

1 umeboshi plum (discard the core and crush the pulp), or a teaspoon of puree

1 teaspoon of shoyu


What better way to prepare for the winter that follow the lead of the Japanese?

In their honor I propose a special remedy to prevent colds and flu symptoms especially during the holiday season, when we tend not to eat in a simple and healthy than usual, and more importantly for the period after the holidays when the effects of all the excesses they feel mostly for up to three weeks after.

The remedy, which many of you certainly know, the dear old  Japanese "Ume-sho-kuzu", includes three special foods that the Japanese have introduced in the West.


The kuzu is a thickener that looks like a white powder with lumps, like starch. You buy it in health food stores and can be used daily in the kitchen.

The umeboshi looks like a pickled plum and is very salty, even this you buy in health food stores.


Add the cold water and umeboshi plum kuzu crushed and bring to a boil, stirring constantly until the liquid becomes transparent and dense. Add shoyu and allow it to simmer for a minute.

Drink warm.


This remedy can be taken every three days in the morning for a lasting effect during the colder months. Drink it before breakfast.

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Thanks to Martin Halsey - La Sana Gola

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