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Amaranth porridge


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For 2 people

100g amaranth


cinnamon powder

1 teaspoon shredded flaxseed

60ml preferred vegetable milk

1 banana

10g chopped hazelnuts

maple syrup

a few grapes (alternatively a tablespoon of jam)


Cook the amaranth in water as required, following the instructions on the package, after having toasted it for 5 minutes: usually use at least three times its volume in water and cook 20, better 30 minutes. Season lightly and turn off.

This serves for 2 servings, so if you are alone, divide into 2 and put one part in the fridge for the next day.

Heat half of the amaranth, adding vegetable milk, half crushed banana, a spoonful of maple syrup, flaxseeds and cinnamon.

Take off the heat.

Serve it with the other half banana, chopped hazelnuts, grapes or jam and, if you like it, another round of maple syrup.

Delicious and super energetic!

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