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Fancy noodles


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- 1 pack of sheets of vegan lasagna

- 1 pack of tofu

- pepper, cabbage

- chives, capers

- tamari

- salt, turmeric, ginger, pepper

- extra virgin olive oil


Since I had ready-made sheets of lasagna pasta, but I had no intention of turning on the oven, I invented this dish...
As always, the green light to recycle!


First of all I cut the tofu into cubes and put to marinate in the tamari and abundant shredded chives.

Then I rolled up the sheets of lasagna and cut strips about 1 cm wide, which I cooked 2 minutes in boiling salted water.

Apart from a frying pan I roasted the tofu well in its marinade, added pepper to strips, the kale sliced with the mandoline, the capers, all the spices and I let it wither for 10 minutes.

I added drained lasagna and a drizzle of olive oil.

Enjoy your meal!

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Thanks to Marina Zendri

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