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Veggie burgers


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1 cup of brown rice-nicely cooked lentils-shredded carrots-breadcrumbs-peanut butter-sesame oil-dried Basil-oregano-a pinch of salt-chopped parsley-some sweet paprika


Gather all the ingredients in a large bowl and work them well.
Divide the mixture and form into balls, then, with wet hands, mash them until they become floppy.
Place on a lightly oiled baking paper and put in a preheated oven.
Cook until it will be slightly darkened.
Remove from the oven and FRY in peanut butter or oil.
Serve by placing them on bread slices and garnished the dish to taste with your favorite salads and sauces.

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Anche se si rischia che siano meno compatti, sono ottimi anche senza burro d'arachidi e olio di sesamo.

- Paola -

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