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Kaminari Agé (Lightning tofu)


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For 2 persons: 330 gr. tofu, cut in half horizontally and 1/4 cup of drip-left kudzu powder or cornstarch-immersion frying oil-3/4 cup vegetable broth, or water-3 tbsp shoyu-3 tablespoons mirin or sake-2 tablespoons grated daikon-2 tablespoons finely chopped shallot or Leek-1 sheet of nori , cut into strips half a cm wide.


Dried tofu gently with a clean cloth to remove excess moisture, then puree it in the dust of kudzu. Heat oil in the wok, the Pan or Fryer. Simply slide in the tofu and FRY dipping until is browned. Let it drip off, then serve in bowls. Put in a saucepan the dashi, shoyu and mirin, and bring almost to a boil. Pour this sauce over the tofu and garnish each portion with the daikon, sliced leeks and the nori.

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This recipe gets its name from the noise characteristic of soft tofu that crackles in the hot oil.
The above technique is the basis of all dipping fries. (See also Tofu: how to cook it)
(Thanks to Parama Karuna)

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