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Spaghettini with hop sprouts


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For 4 people:
350 g of noodles
1 kg of hop sprouts
2-3 cloves of garlic
2-3 chillies
extra virgin olive oil


Cut the tops of hop sprouts, removing the stem, harder and often bitter.
In a large frying pan and large fry in plenty of oil the minced cloves of garlic and peppers get into small pieces.
Add the tops of hop sprouts and let them flavor, but cooking them too (it is better if they stay well packed).
Cook the noodles in salted water.
Drain underdone and finish cooking in the pan with the olive oil, garlic, chilies and bruscandoli.
Serve immediately.

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The hop sprouts in Trieste are the wild asparagus.

I served these spaghetti to welcome non-vegetarians: they were so pleased that afterwards they let me have a bottle of organic olive oil with chili and informed themselves about what to eat as a vegetarian... If you like spicy plates success is guaranteed!

(Thanks to Barbara B.)

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Purtroppo sia con il termine bruscandoli (o bruscansoli) che con asparagi selvatici s'intendono cose diverse a seconda del luogo in cui ci troviamo... per alcuni sono germogli di luppolo, per altri di pungitopo (questo, solo nella provincia di Verona!), ma sono entrambi deliziosi.

- Eos -

I "bruscandoli" in Lombardia vengono chiamati "loertis". Germogliano verso marzo-aprile, si trovano facilmente lungo le rive dei fossi.

- icetrap -

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