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Avocado with pistachio pesto


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avocado 1 not too ripe (almost woody)
pistachio pesto
salt and pepper to taste.
celery leaves


Cut the avocado into thin slices about half a centimeter (not too big, say of squares of 2 x 2 cm) and put on a foil on the oven or hot oven for 5 minutes. Must be softened and nicely toasted.
Form of nibbles smearing pistachio cream on a slice of avocado hot, just a shadow of salt and pepper, a little daughter of celery, and stick with a toothpick.
Consume still lukewarm.
For those in the mood you can also trim the slices of avocado in smart forms, with suitable stencils from cookies.
Refined and very yummy!

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(Thanks to Antonella Sagone)

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