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Vegella, Vegan3000 hazelnut cream


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150 g of shelled hazelnuts and roasted
200 g of wheat malt
80 ml soy milk flavored with vanilla
8 tablespoons corn oil
3 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder
a pinch of vanilla
a pinch of salt


The original recipe of the VEGELLA!

The first VEGAN version!! :-)

In a short time has also become our most imitated and most copied recipe!

100% vegan, natural and sugar free!

If you do not already have, briefly roasted whole hazelnuts in a non-stick pan without oil, being careful not to burn.
Put the nuts in a blender and chop up to reduce them to powder (you must use a fairly powerful blender, by 750 Watts up).
Add the vegetable milk and blend again, then add all other ingredients and mix it thoroughly until you get a soft cream of irresistible goodness: your mythical vegella!

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© Ricetta originale ideata e scritta da Emanuela Barbero e Gianni Corona nel 2001,
pubblicata per la prima volta nel 2003 nel volume ”LA CUCINA ETICA” - edizioni Sonda.


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