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Kinpira soup


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To make this dish you choose 3 or 4 vegetables the following proposals:
Daikon or turnips
Erza or hood

Tuscan Kale (also called Tuscan Kale)

At the end you can season it with salt , or better still 50% white miso (shiro miso) and 50% dark miso (rice or barley).


Kinpira means "double firing" in Japanese and in this recipe you make before you skip the vegetables in oil and then cooked with water and blankets are still long.

Finely chop 1/2 cup each vegetables and toss together together with sesame oil for a few minutes.
Cover with water or vegetable stock and simmer for 20-30 minutes.
Serve with miso (or salt) and simmer a few minutes.

This dish is still good the next day and should do more, because the cooking goes on.

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Thanks to La Sana Gola

La Zuppa di Kinpira è una ricetta rafforzante, una classica ricetta della vecchia macrobiotica (anche la nuova se vogliamo). 
Questa ricetta si trova nel libro Cucina che cura insieme ad altre ricette utili nei periodi freddi.
Questa ricetta serve a veicolare calore nel profondo dell’organismo e nella zona bassa del corpo, rafforzando la digestione, gli organi riproduttivi, i reni e in generale la forza vitale.

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