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Spinach dumplings with sage and margarine


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For 4 people

potato dumplings with spinach already prepared or homemade potato dumplings
200 g of frozen spinach (for homemade dumplings)
2 tablespoons of 100% vegetable margarine (to cook the spinach)
3 or 4 tablespoons of non-hydrogenated vegan margarine
some sage leaves



If you find the dumplings are ready well, otherwise if you really want to indulge the dumplings are prepared following the basic recipe for potato dumplings (of which found the recipe here) with a little variation: while the potatoes are cooking, take 200 g of frozen spinach and cook with 2 tablespoons margarine for about ten minutes, until the water has dried.
Then drain them using a large strainer, better with a weight above so that drip even better.
When cooked mash the potatoes in a large bowl and then add the spinach, reminding you to squeeze them before adding them to the potatoes, then stir vigorously and thoroughly, until the spinach will have formed a single body with the potatoes.
When the dough is ready, cut it into slices and processed each slice with your hands until you get a long roll and fine enough, then cut each roll into small pieces in the shape of dumplings.
Heat a pot of water and boil toss inside the dumplings: when cooked they rise to the surface alone.
Aside from heat margarine in a saucepan until dissolved and add a few sage leaves, so flavor the margarine.
Pour the dumplings in the dish and season.

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