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Lasagna with botched vegetables


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500 g of wheat vegan lasagna
béchamel sauce
3 beautiful large zucchini
3 large eggplants
200 g peas
200 g potatoes
1 leek
200 g between red and yellow peppers


Begin by preparing vegetables.

Zucchini: wash and cut off the ends. Cut them in half and then thinly slice the two sides for lengthwise.

Eggplant: same procedure of zucchini (if you have a meat slicer is very simple cut eggplant, also quite thin), then cover the slices with salt and let them rest for .5 hour.

Leek: wash and remove the green (to be used for another dish, such as a soup) and slice thinly into rounds.

Peas: sgranateli and boil them for 5 minutes in salted water (if they're frozen, follow instructions), and then drain them.

Peppers: clean by removing the stem, seeds and white pith, then cut them into large chunks.

Potatoes: peel and cut into slices not too thin, then boil for 5 minutes in boiling water (use the peas).

Cover a cookie sheet with parchment paper and throw in peppers and eggplants (you'll have washed well to remove salt and dried), then bake for 15 minutes at 200° c.

Meanwhile boil salted water (better if you use one you have previously used for vegetables, so it is more flavorful), and then let off some lasagna for a few minutes. Remember to also add a drop of oil to the water, so the pasta doesn't stick together.

At this point, in a baking dish, you have greased with a little oil or covered with a layer of lasagne, roll out on greaseproof paper, then add one layer of eggplant, zucchini, potato, one a few pieces of bell pepper, peas and some slices of leek, abundant then cover everything with abundant béchamel and begin again with the layers. For the last round, put a layer of dough and cover it with a layer of white sauce, so it doesn't dry out too much during baking.

Based on 180° C for half an hour.

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