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Fantasy mini-wraps


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some mini tortillas made with kamut or spelt or other cereal (100% vegetable, without lard)

100% vegetable carpaccio

fresh mixed salad

cherry tomatoes

vegetable cheese spread or vegetable pâté (artichokes, olives, eggplant, peppers, chickpea hummus, beans etc.) according to taste


Mini-wraps "fantasy" because you can fill these wraps as you like, having fun with an infinite number of combinations of colors and flavors: ours is a proposal and also a starting point from which ...
A fast and tasty suggestion, great for when you have little time or you're in a hurry!

Prepare tortillas by following this recipe, or use ones already ready into warm briefly in a nonstick pan.
Then sprinkle with a "knife" veg (there are many here) or a vegetable cheese soft and fill them with the carpaccio vegan (or other sliced 100% vegetable) and vegetables.
Enjoy your meal!

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