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1 kg of flour-100 g of baker's yeast-250 g margarine-300 g sugar-200 g raisins-100 g of raisins (Sicilian wine)-200 g candied citron and orange-200 g pine nuts-20 g of aniseed – 1 teaspoon orange flower water


Mix the flour with the yeast dissolved in a little hot water, sugar, orange flower water, then imapastare all with the melted margarine in a double boiler. Knead the dough will be very soft. Soak the raisins in the raisins, chopped candied citron and orange do. Merge all to the dough and work it for a half hour. Make two loaves and leave them a few hours to rise. Put them in the oven hot, about 180 degrees. Check often cooking, opening the oven as little as possible.

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