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Bread (homemade)-(3)


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1 kg wheat flour
25 g fresh yeast


Dissolve 5 g of yeast in a little warm water, add 150 g of flour and mix very well.
Leave to rise for 24 hours (even 15 are fine)
Mix the rest of the flour and the yeast in the dough by adding just enough water, salt and then let stand 1 hour.
Give the form to the bread and let it sit some more (from half an hour to 1 hour).
Make cuts on the bread before baking.
Bake for about 40 minutes in the oven at about 180-200° c.

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Ho scoperto che il pane cotto col forno di casa viene meglio con 3 lievitazioni.
Lo faccio con farina di grano duro 1 o 2 volte a settimana e ho detto addio al panettiere.
(Thanks to Felicita)

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